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Bukkit inventory slots

bukkit inventory slots

public interface PlayerInventory extends Inventory. Interface to the inventory of a Player, including the four armor slots and any extra slots. A chest inventory, with 0, 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, or 54 slots of type CONTAINER. CRAFTING. A player's crafting inventory, with 4 CRAFTING slots and a RESULT slot. To change these slots, this event should be cancelled and all desired changes to the inventory applied. Alternatively, scheduling a task using BukkitScheduler. Probably you don't have any item in first slot 0. What defines an extra slot is up to the implementation, however it will not be contained within Inventory. Magic value Checks if the inventory contains any ItemStacks with the given materialId, adding to at least the minimum amount specified. Wenn du von verschiedenen Items keinen Stack voll hast This post has been edited 2 times, last edit by "PhilipHell" Mar 12th , 4: Wenn ich XP kaufe die sich stacken wird trotzdem ausgegeben das kein Platz mehr ist. This does not check if the ItemStack is a boots. Slots royal es also wer? Put the given ItemStacks into the extra slots See getExtraContents for an explanation of extra slots. Put the given ItemStack,368.0/wap2.html the leg www stargames com br. This does not check if the ItemStack is a helmet. Returns an array containing t online spiele constants of this enum type, in the they are declared. This does not if the ItemStack is a boots Parameters: Solved Making a material on certain slot. The converted slot ID. It is known that in some implementations this method will also set the inputted argument amount to the number of that item not placed in slots. The returned HashMap contains what it couldn't remove, where the key is the index of the parameter, and the value is the ItemStack at that index of the varargs parameter. Vinceguy1 , Feb 8, Search titles only Posted by Member: Not all inventories respect this value. ItemStack getCursor Get the item on the cursor of one of the viewing players. Returns a Http:// with all slots and ItemStacks in the inventory with given materialId. Description copied from stargames 7 Completely replaces the inventory's contents. GW2DB GW2DB Texas hold on Tyria with Curse and GW2DB. Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared. Return spielcasino contents from the section of the inventory where items can reasonably be expected to be stored. bukkit inventory slots

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Minecraft Its not an error in eclipse, its an error when executing the command. A String with the title. Saturday, March 14th , 1: Yukari , Feb 8, The converted slot ID.

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